SuVia App | Locating Street Food

ABOUT Street food today is growing with 2.1 million customers everyday. All over the world they resemble a piece of the culture each place has and for a good price. With SuVia people will know where to go to have the full experience or just for a quick bite nearby. PROBLEM Street food today although popular it is still an unrecognized industry. This is how the problem of how a lot of people will avoid street food due to health concerns since the industry is not regulated. In many GPS apps a lot of vendors do not show up and mostly use social media to update locations. SOLUTION This app is used to have an organized community to promote street food to outsiders and to make consumers feel at ease when eating at these spots. With the option to have comments and reviews people can suggest their favorite places and take care of the consumers concerns. Since vendors can manage their business through the app themselves they can connect their GPS and will appear on the map for easy locating access.

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